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Spring Elections – April 7th

Wausau’s future will be greatly impacted by the outcome of the referendum on a City Administrator. My views are clear. Our current model has left us with too little strategic planning for our community’s future and too much politics in the daily running of city hall. The need for a change is clear.

The Case to be Made (Articles from the Wausau Daily Herald)

Here are just a few of the articles that have come out over the last two years addressing the concept of a City Administrator for Wausau:

Time to consider a city administrator (from WDH 7/1/13)
This gives us the historical perspective. Even in the 1920s, there were benefits to this style. While it mentions the city of Indianapolis, we know that more and more cities of our size are moving to it (not moving away from it)

Why we need a city administrator (from WDH 3/22/14)
An editorial by Duane Maatz, where he lays out a case for Wausau. He focuses on the challenges we are facing as well as the opportunities a city administrator would afford us.

City Hall is leaderless; we need an administrator (from WDH 6/20/14)
This was an editorial I wrote. In it I enumerate my own thoughts regarding the issue. My conclusion is that Wausau is in need of a city administrator.

Administrator would help Wausau shine (from WDH 6/27/14)
In this letter to the editor, Mr. James D. Seehafer expresses the thoughts that many in Wausau are thinking. His conclusion is also that the city needs professional leadership.

City Administrator discussion will need many voices (from WDH 9/21/14)
The Herald’s own view of the issue has called for a broad-based approach with people weighing in fully. We agree with their position and have worked to bring voices out.

Modernize Wausau government with administrator (from WDH 2/26/15)
This letter from Mr. Kenneth Day points to the need for a professional who specializes in running a municipality, which he points out has already happened in most of Wisconsin’s cities.

Wausau Region Chamber of
Commerce Commissioned Study

With the importance of the issues involved, the Chamber of Commerce commissioned a study of the issue.

The CoC’s press release with links to their executive summary
(direct link to the executive summary)


Action Needed

While the City Council will make the final decision, the referendum on April 7th is important. Look at the issues, look at the information, look at the evidence – then help Wausau to change for a better future. Here is what you can do

Yard Sign (see link to the right). Help us get out the word about the referendum so that everyone’s voice can be heard. Information on how to obtain yours can be found by following the link in the right sidebar.

Talk to Friends and Neighbors. One of the best ways to make sure people know about the referendum is to let them know yourself. If they have questions, you can point them here or our facebook page (link in the right sidebard).

Vote. There is a momentum growing on this issue, but it means more with a decisive referendum. Make your voice heard.



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